by Maxwell Anderson

Publication date: May 2015
Price: £20 + shipping
Binding: Soft cover with sleeve
Extent: 32 pp
Trim size: 215mm x 215mm
Photographs: 28 colour

Artist's website: www.maxwellanderson.co.uk


Shipping Destination

Maxwell Anderson has been accumulating his photographs of flowers over the last 6 years. His choice of photographs are deliberately awkward and unceremonious. In the book, Anderson combines his snapshots of common flowers with equally common and often inane human interpretations and interactions with them. His interst lies within the everyday relationship between people and flowers, the attraction to them and the use of them as fashion accessories.

The book is three hole sewn, bound in a textured, fibrous cover material which emulates pressed flowers, wrapped by a yellow partial sleeve with clear foil blocking on the front.

Belle Hutton, AnOther Magazine:
"Flower, however, is anything but inane. It is a small delight of a photo-book, bound in brilliant pink card and covered with a fine thread evocative of pressed flowers, so tactile that holding the book is akin to taking a velvety rose petal between your fingertips. The variety of images inside is also part of its charm, as almost every spread comprises of a flower – in natural and unnatural settings alike – juxtaposed with blooms as a favourite motif in fashion. Think of this lovely publication as a reminder to notice examples in the world, regardless of where you find yourself"

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