from the series FLOWER

Maxwell Anderson

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20x24" / edition of 5 / £420

This print comes with a copy of the book FLOWER by Maxwell Anderson (edition of 250 copies).

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Artist's Statement:

The book, Flower, came about through an editing process, looking back at negatives from the last six to seven years. I realised that, quite simply, I am naturally drawn to photographing flowers, but also I am extremely fond of floral print on clothing. And the photographs I have taken that are about or involve flowers (real or interpreted) are usually photographs that I really enjoy.

I can remember one of the first pictures I was proud of was of a poppy I took in my Mum’s back garden. In our everyday lives we are compelled to surround ourselves with flowers. On the streets we walk, lining our highways, in our homes, in our cars… The replication of flowers in fashion has also been a staple go-to design. I enjoy this relationship we - as humans - have with these mute and inanimate organisms. They represent a whole compendium of emotions and semiotics; life, death, love, envy, friendship, patriotism…

Flowers have been the still life subject for countless artists and photographers for centuries. Some briefly referring to them, and others making a whole career from painting them. More often than not, the way in which artists have interpreted flowers have been the defining epitomisation of their approach to their artwork. So I guess, in a way, the book, Flower, is my two pennies’ worth to the immense catalogue of flower related artworks, and a personal note in considering my own approach to photography. And of course, importantly, it’s also a bit of fun.