by Sean Lotman

Publication date: September 2016
ISBN: 978-0-9562470-9-4
Price: £30.00
Extent: 80pp
Trim size:297x245mm
Photographs: 48 full colour
Text: English

Artist's website:

Shipping Destination

Sean Lotman’s photographs of Japan immerse us in his imagination and interpretation of reality in a land he has come to call home. His photographs encapsulate his existence in Japan, as a person who is intrinsically bound to his surroundings, yet still exists as a foreigner. His photographs are at times psychedelic, transposing what he sees to photographs as a maelstrom of mystery and wonder.
Sunlanders is not a static document of Japan. Nor is it a journal or contest of image making. Rather, it is an exploration of existence, a dive in to a world unknown in suspended reality, imbued in colour and fascination.
Lotman is a master printer. Each image in the book has been reproduced from carefully hand printed C-Type prints in the darkroom. Following the process of making photographs from the moment of capture to the final print has allowed Lotman to instill his own subjective reality in to physical images.

“[Lotman’s] photographs made me think of a dancer’s world, where life and death co-exist on a coin dropping, heads or tails, as it gravitates toward its destiny. His photograph reflect that mysterious moment when life becomes death, and death becomes life”.
- Yamaguchi Nahoko

The Eye Of Photography
"Over the span of five years, Sean Lotman traveled all over Japan's many islands documenting the Far East archipelago not as it is at this present moment, but as a temporal reality fused with ethereal phenomena. His resulting photo book, Sunlanders, is thus not a historical document, but a surreal conception of society. It's a way of mystifying banal stereotypes, slipping away into a parallel universe of vivid colors, standstill environments, and dreamy manifestations."

Katherine Oktober Matthews, GUP Magazine:
The overall impression is one of a playfully articulated reality; Lotman takes the world around him as a rough draft, pushing and pulling the parts out of it that he finds the most pleasing."

Elizabeth Sulis Gear, Feature Shoot:
"As these photographs draw us into Sean Lotman’s strange, ghostly world, it dawns upon the unsuspecting viewer that this is not Japan as we know it."

Interview on FishEye Magazine (francais):

Ansgar Reul:
"The book arrived and it turned out to be even more stunningly beautiful than I'd imagined"

Owen Pritchard, It's Nice That:
"The everyday is depicted in a vibrant and dreamlike way and delivered with a quiet confidence...Sunlanders invites the reader to imagine their own narrative as search for clues as to the meaning of each image."

Rogéro Akiti Dezem
"A book of a craftsman image for lovers of analogue photography (still) produced in dedicated and handmade today. Indispensable!"
"Um livro de um artesão da imagem para os amantes da fotografia analógica (ainda) produzida de forma dedicada e artesanal nos dias de hoje. Indispensável!"

Ravelin Magazine:
The photography of Sean Lotman draws the viewer into its peculiar strangeness. Going through his prints one by one, one may catch a glimpse of something coming in and out of the corner of the eye. A phantom rises and fades like smoke. While his images are self-contained, they seem to be connected in a strain of images creating a world of its own.

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